Playing various games brings so much fun to everyone. Many people are fond of playing their favorite games because it is a form of relaxation to them. Games and tournaments also build the socialization and sportsmanship of every individual.  It also promotes good health by providing physical activities that will help our body strong and healthy. One of these enjoyable and entertaining games is corn toss.

Origin of Corn Toss Game

Corn toss is a lawn game that was first played in Germany during the 14th century. It was rediscovered in Kentucky, Ohio after a century when it was first discovered.

Aside from its name Corn Toss, it has been called as Corn hole, Bean Bag, Bean Toss, Indiana Horseshoes, Soft Horse Shoes and many more. 

Corn toss is the enjoyable game that can be played as singles or doubles.  In playing this game, the materials used are wooden boxes called cornhole platforms and the corn bags. It is a very popular game in America and especially in Ohio. Every year, there is a corn toss tournament held in the district of Ohio to let people enjoy playing corn toss.

Customize Corn Toss Boards and Corn Bags

Playing Corn toss is very simple. It can be played by anyone, anywhere. You first need to prepare all the materials needed like the corn toss platforms and corn bags. You can customize corn toss boards out of plywood and available materials in your home.

The customized corn toss boards must be placed in a clear area but these do not require so much space. You can place them anywhere you want like in your backyard, driveways, parks, beaches, campgrounds and even indoors.

The corn bags can also be customized. It is made simply by extra duck canvass material or strong cloth and filled with pliable feed corn. If you already have 2 corn toss platforms and 8 corn bags, you can now enjoy playing corn toss game.

How to Play Corn Toss

Playing Corn Toss game is very easy. It is usually played by two contestants but can also be played with doubles, two teams composed of two members each. Corn Toss match is broken into innings of play. Every contestant throws four corn bags during each inning. They can use either the left of right corn toss boards but the corn bags must be delivered from the same board used by the pitcher.

The contestants will throw the corn bags into the corn toss boards in an alternate form. In doubles, the four players will be split into two teams.

In each team, one member will pitch from the left corn toss board and the other member will pitch in the right board.